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 收集地点    : 醉花林俱乐部
       190 Keng Lee Road







我们的黄埔校友王英祥 Ben Ong 于这个星期三(八月二十八日)9:32am 病逝。在此希望通知同屆的同学。
葬礼会在这个星期天(九月一日)举行。更多的详情请在臉书上与 Helen Tan (陈美云)校友联络。

愿我们的校友王英祥 Ben Ong 一路好走!

Ben Ong

1977-4C 毕业36年后第一次的班聚会。 16个同学在
17th August 2013, 星期六,假95 East Parkway Parade 的 Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel, 3rd Floor, Feast@East 举行班聚会。感谢刘惠南同学的精心安排。

更多照片请看Photos Album。


"Good Morning, to Whampoa Secondary School, after looking this album, my name is Laurence Sakti Luhur from Jakarta. I was as a stundent w/ name: Lauw Jioeng Seng, graduated O-Level (Sec-4, Physical) at years 1982. I will appreciated if someone who keep name list for student graduate 1982. I need to remember again, bcs already 31 years ago. Last reuniion I can't join together, but I will try to join next event. Attach w/ my name-card and photo." 
Laurence Sakti Luhur from Jakarta


Laurence Sakti Luhur from Jakarta

1977-4C 电工班的刘惠南同学正在组织一个聚餐会,日期定为17/8/2013星期六。已有20 位同学肯定出席,大家希望能有更多同班同学能加入。大家也在寻找一下3位女同学;许佩英,叶有蓉和张红梅。



 17Th July 2013

Mr Ling Khoon Chow


Bendemeer Secondary School
1 St. Wilfred Road
Singapore 327919

 Dear Mr Ling, 

Letter of Appreciation

  The Whampoa Secondary School (WSS) Reunion on 6th July 2013 was successfully concluded with more than 800 attendees.

The event would not have been possible without your kind agreement to allow us access to the premises of Bendemeer Secondary School (BSS). Hosting the reunion event at BSS has a very special meaning to all the alumni and former teachers of WSS, as it was exactly the same place that nurtured and inspired many young minds several decades ago.

I would like to thank all your wonderful staff for their help on 6th July 2013; especially to Mr David Han, for his well-executed coordination and logistic support.

Through organizing this event, we strongly believe your passion in education will bring BSS to greater height.

A sum of $ 18,000 was raised at the reunion with the aim to help the poor and needy students in your school. This is to share the WSS’s spirit that no financially disadvantaged students are deprived of a holistic education. Although it may not be a huge amount, we hope, through this gesture, such spirit continues to live on.

 Once again, thank you.

 Yours sincerely,

 Organizing Committee

Whampoa Secondary School Reunion 2013






1. 捐款箱      $  2,000.00
2. 义卖        $  7,730.00
3. 情缘赞助      $ 20,901.10

   $ 30,631.10


1. 音响系统+有线录影Jess Showbiz     $  3,000.00
2. 流动录影 Focus Visions         $     500.00
3. 摄影 Digi Image      $     300.00
4. 自助餐  Lye Heng Catering Service     $  4,010.00
5. 额外餐具                $       73.40
6. 纪念盾                                                    $  3,305.70
7. 保安人员和清洁工人                                   $     300.00
8. 礼堂租金       $     642.00
9. 歌曲录制费Musictoxin productions     $     500.00
10. 捐助明智中学 Bendemeer Secondary School    $ 18,000.00




   $ 30,631.10