Xing Posted in <Friendster>  01/04/2007 9:31 pm : Hi all saint whampoa-ians, I am Jinxing from 1991-94, the last few batches where i did my sec 4 at bendemeer Sec, my form teacher during sec 1 and 2 is Mrs Jane Chia. Sec 3 is mr 'lim pang you'.I rmememebr mr lim always scolding us in class that if we dont buck up, we will be e the 'ren zha (waste)' of the society.i guess many of us haf not disappoint him by doing veri well fine in life. Thanks you, mr lim for yr inspiring words. I remember many of the people i see u in here. Like most of you all, i am very proud to tell ppl i am formally from whampoa sec. all i can say is "been there, done that" for all the beautiful memories during my time there. Like the volleyball 'C'boys (Me, Jimmy chua, Paul, Qingyuan, Furong, Alastair, Hubin) & my fellow batch 'C' girls-(Liang ping, yuhua, Yiling, Pauline, Yanping, Lisa) and my seniors out there....U guys rock!!!!

lena Posted in <Friendster>  on 03/18/2005 12:17 pm Hi All Whamporeans:i m from the batch 1988 to 1992..hmm was so lucky to found my old classmate sheling here in friendsters..i was having a great time there...still remember the nice canteen rinks stall owner- micheal n his mum..his sis..and not forgetting my all time fav chicken rice auntie....yummpy:p haha..well my form teacher is Mdm Ho Hwee Meng..the pretty 2nd Langauge teacher..still remember her..well, if u are from my batch..pls give me a buzz!! Cheers!!!



LiangPing: Posted in <Friendster> 02/28/2005 12:30 am 1st i intro myself named Liangping studied my sec 1 to sec 3 in normal academic class b4 Whampoa closed down n got transferred 2 Bendemeer 2 continue my sec 4 n 5...guess we were the last 2 batch.... I wonder who is hosting this Whampoa page @ frdster...could it b the ex teacher of whampoa?? or the ex vice principal Enid Ong?? Talking about Enid Ong..she once told mi "Liangping I'm the worm inside ur stomach dat noe u well" zo scary... I always caught by her 4 punishment 4 detention...let it be either my hair, my socks or fighting... I missed those days in whampoa.. my class were the worse class of all in school i guess... always fighting esp during changing of lessons period... our guys were v scary but they r fun 2 be with..they hv brightened my life in school... wat i missed most were those days of glory in volleyball team... the tournaments n the training... n I remembered our senior trained our "C" gals during sch holidays dat was sec 2 when he placed the volleyball in the center n our teammates hv 2 formed a circle n sleep by the volleyball n we would confide in each other.. dat was the part i missed..and went 2 the stage 2 collected our tropies...>do u still remember? I hv forgotten the names of my 2 volleyball instructors... one of them v "TiKo".. if anyone of u still remember..haha.. Can the host reveal her name?? I v kpo one..or u can send 2 me??

曾月丽 1977-4E:谢谢银麟的旧照。一张张熟悉的旧脸孔,真的勾起无限的怀旧感。就不知我们的同班同学,别来无恙否?还有各位牛兄弟姐妹,今年是我们的本命年。要自重。我有两个华初同学近期患癌了,刚走的DBS 总裁也与我们同岁。所以,务必看好自己,驱走高压力、高血压、高血糖、高期望!(13/4/2009



My name is Tan Chwee Eng 陈水永I would like to contact the classmates from Class 4A in 1983 or school mates. Please kindly call me at 9230 6705 or thru email cetan@ymail.com



李庆祥 Lee Keng Seong ( H/P: 97584734 ) 1961-Sec 1B: 寻找中一同班同学。

1. 陈秀美 Tan Siew Bee

2. 黄得旺

3. 翁玉春


陈银麟  1977 中四A班 , Email:tcolin03@yahoo.com.sg: 那天,和旧同学通电话,才知道《黄埔情缘永续2009》这聚会。可是由于其他事故无法出席,内心不免感觉一丝遗憾。




照片中看到了许多久违了的老师。还记得曾经教导过我的有林素云老师,蔡启慧老师,汪俊秀老师,符爱薪老师,唐学屏老师李国昭老师,李国珍老师,何瑞英老师,嫩老师林亚卿老师,杨楚云老师,Mr。 Loh, Ms。 Kang, Mr。Quek 等。还有姚松春老师,张幼芝老师,孙源辉老师,徐娟娟老师,黄来成老师,何敦尧老师,郑义才老师,白宗德老师等(若有遗漏,敬请原谅)。老师们,您们别来可无恙?


也要感谢筹委们劳心劳力的付出,成功举办了这次大型聚会。一张张熟悉的脸孔, 包括荣春,泉裕,国祥,月丽,朝炳,俊民等(恕不尽录)以及其他的筹委们,我要向你们说声谢谢!




下次聚会,我一定到! (23.03.09  ) ( 站长:31年没见,您可好!谢谢您的支持)

Chia Gin Song <chiaginsong@gmail.com> 96527344:
Thank you very much for the committee to organise such big and successful gathering event... we ready enjoy the night and food....   more important, with the help of the committee, we able to meet the old classmates, teachers within our balance of life (which I so call "Dream Finally Come True"...)...



However, still with big group of old classmate still missing.... guess because the communication-path still missing somewhere.... Committee is the Train-Head and had done what they can... following up will be the individual years / class to form their own Train-Cabins (small group gathering)... looking fore ward next big event on 2011 the headcount will hit new record say (target-3k ?)... Ha..Ha...


With little bit of suggestion :  from the forum, I know my old Sec-2 Class-mate Wan Siew Geok. 1975-4D Jessie {also class-mate of 1973(2x)..} try to reach me but somehow the email missing somewhere... until today still missing...  I know many of us would like to communicate each others but failed... appreciate the committee would allow my Hp# been display on the forum  (best with my photo too)....(I will hold the own responsible on any future risk if any..)...


Can committee do me little bit of favous.... can group the photo together for Album-5 & Album-10 under Title : "1975(4B) & 1973(2x)-(佘金)Chia Gin Song : chiaginsong@gmail.com (9652-7344)"


Another suggestion is many of them may still do not aware our Web-site, therefore many of them did not turn out.... think of way how to improve our promotions on awareness to more others....  the 2009 gathering photo on paper without the web-link address (miss the chance).... next may be post more old photo on newspaper but must with the web-site address.... hope it will attract more others to joint us....


Finally.. still have to say thousand word of "THANK YOU" to all committee for the big good work.....  ( 21/3/2009 )




许统 1977 4C : Thank you for all the hard work, I really enjoyed that night. Thanks a million !
Will join in the planning of next gathering. Promised !
谢谢 !


, 4F, 1983 Ng kah Yen Blk 63x, Woodlands Ring Road, #10-xx: 29 , , 诉苦 : .  314 , 800 " ", .


, . (20-3-2009)






19874EA2班的沈爱美 :


















 黄锦富,中医博士 1969年,高二C :  亲爱的校长,老师,学长,学弟妹们,

Hi, I am 陈凤鸣Feng Ming of Class 5NA1 year 1987. I am really glad to have read your email regarding the party that we are going to have. But I am sad to say I can't join this year party as I need to attend an important meeting. Thank you for having this website, whereby we can see many of the photo that was taken years back. It really bring back memories...Well, I have attached some of the photo too for your reference.The last one is a comic cartoon drawn by one of our classmate: 姚妙鸾. Last but not least Thank again for hardwork !

哈哈,在明天的到来的最后一次努力,希望能够看到我多年怀念的师长,学长与同学..把旧照片都找出来,真的很青春! 很怀念那段光阴, 是最纯真的吧? 谢昭武,19824C

站长你好, 你们辛苦啦!感怀明天的聚会,发来附件挫文。希望能挂在交流站上。谢谢!钟荣明  CHENG YONG MENG, 1974-4C, CHINA WORLD TRADE CENTER, xx WEST WING OFFICE, JIAN GUO MEN WAI AVENUE 1, 100004, BEIJING, CHINA, TEL:010-xxx58634






钟荣明. 北京. 2009年3月13日




Kok-Chong Leow - 1983 - Sec 4B: Dear all! It really make me feel proud to be part of the family of Whampoa Sec group. The values and spirt one can feel during the gathering, unknowningly all stand up with their heart when the school song once again being heard...

Good job and well done to the committee.. I will say with no regrets in attending this wonderful nite..   ( 17-3-2009 )

Feng Ming 87-5NA1: 嗨, 从网上看到了当天的盛况,真得有点遗憾自己没能出席。 照片中,看到了王翠,Alice..你们等人。。。哇!一点也没变。 在这留下我的email和联络号码,若可以跟我联络 
 email: thbfaith@hotmail.com contact: 96510308

Paul Tang 董重庆 : I was in Hong Lim hawker centre, I ordered Laksa and I recognize the seller was at the gathering, I ask him about the gathering and he was very touch, and my Laksa is free, Ha! By the way, the Picture in Sin Ming paper is class 1F and he happen to be in the picture. (17-3-2009)


Spencer: It was a fantastic gathering night! Very well organized and professional. We 8 from 72-2D would like to thank our organizing committee and members whose efforts and precious time sacrificed. ( 17-3-2009 )


xxxx1959: 各位学弟学妹,及一群热心无私的黄埔情缘永续委员们。 非常谢谢你们为314 付出了宝贵的精力,你们太棒了,我的确享受了当晚的气氛,羡慕了40年他校有校友会的聚会,万没想到我们托各位的辛苦,也享有此特权,再次谢谢您们。(17-3-2009 )


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