林巧贞,4C (1983).


Needless to say, every pieces of timely pictures and the mega gathering video clips made my blood vessels trembling, am so touched by them and all of the sudden, the ignorant and sweet memories began to flash back, and a sudden time lapse to the past. Never realise that I'd actually marked my terrific youth with Whampoa Sec., and only after two decades, and after browsing through those photos, I found my long lost beautiful days. Perhaps I was too young and ignorant and was too aloof to adulthood, psychologically, my days in Whampoa Sec. were invaluably beautiful, and indeed they were. The youthful mind seems to capture nothing sorrow and hateful but happiness. Those were the days. Thank you Whampoa Sec, and zillion thanks to the meet-up organizing committee and webmaster of this site, for your magic touch that allows me to have a wonderful time lapse, to the past.


Should fate follows, I would like to hear from my old friends esp. 惠玉、爱珍. 爱珍、秀鸾,do you two still remember the present we gave to our fellow classmates on our first PE lesson in Secondary One? A Class penalty to wash toilet on Saturday and gosh, the discipline master even announced that during assembly. Hey, thinking about that, we were that young and isn't it our right to stay naughty and playful since we were so energetic, right 姚松春(谐音)老师?Well, no grudge. Do you all read this site? Time flies, we never know when we gonna meet again.




I'm kindda unable to recall other names but facial images, the young ones I mean.....


江燕玲 4H ( 1977 )  PU2A ( 1979 )




            我 珍惜与同学相聚的时光,阔别多年,那一张张脸孔是那么的熟悉,又是那么的陌生!似陌生却又俨然熟悉。尘封的记忆里,我们曾同一个课堂听课,我们颂读过同一 篇课文,我们在同一个食堂里吃喝,玩闹。我们一同游戏,一同运动,我们在音乐老师钢琴伴奏下唱过同一首歌:《踏雪寻梅》、《花非花》、《茉莉花》、《西风 的话》、《在那遥远的地方》、《牛奶三文治》…… 我们一同走过学生时代清纯而又青涩的青春岁月……




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